I am a passionate learner, caring leader and devoted father, with a constant (and sometimes relentless) drive to make today better than yesterday. I am motivated by people, driven by knowledge and not afraid of addressing tough challenges,

The amunition I bring are Love, Transparency & Powerful Questions, which I use to help companies increase their market impact and long-term sustainability.

After having spent a couple of decades working with Agile, I am today primarily engaging with business executives and leadership teams to help them make deliberate and informed decisions when it comes to their Business Agility journey.

In addition to engaging at the more strategic level, I act as leader for transformation initiatives at different organizations, and enable our coaches and consultants to best service the needs of the client around the world.

As part of my legacy I am responsible for inventing:
• Transformation KPI’s (incl. Customer Distance Index & Decision Distance Index)
• Waves of Change (An agile Change Management process)
• Beyond Scrum (A framework and patterns for enabling free flow agility)

Additionally, I have established and operate(d):
• Rennebo Holding
• Core Agile
• Agile Copenhagen
• Various start-up initiatives