Embracing Change

– a story about feeling safe It is Monday morning and you have just arrived at the office. Ahead of you awaits another wonderful day as editor of exclusive wedding invitations. For the past 15 years you have been writing wedding invitations by hand. It makes the invitations appear more […]

Collaborative Agile Testing

This article is based on my experience with integrating Testers in Scrum Teams. By reading this article you won’t get the silver bullet to solve all Scrum Testing challenges, but you will get inspiration on how it can be done. Most software developers aren’t used to interact directly with testers, […]

Story Points in Action

The post is focused on providing some tips and tricks which can be helpful when carrying out Story Point based estimation on an agile project. In the following I have chosen to refer to User Stories as the elements in my Product Backlog. Preparing estimationBefore being able to estimate relatively, […]

From Burn Down Chart to Meltdown Chart

This article is focused on the Burn Down Chart, and what it can tell you about the team members quality of life. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you probably already know the symptoms of the Meltdown Chart: Is your team constantly fighting to be ready in […]

Extreme Sprints – Done in a day!

Have you ever experienced a team that complained when you asked them to run in 2 week Sprints? Many teams try to avoid short Sprints (shorter than 3 weeks), because they don’t believe they will be able to achieve anything meaningful. This has also been the case with many of […]

Metric increases focus on the Customer

Have you ever wondered if your organization is designed for agility and how to continuously make it better? After having spent a lot of years working with agile transformations – and even being a part of the European Organizational Design Forum – I still hadn’t found the answer to that […]